Medewerker administratie

(DASTwente) Twence

Boldershoekweg 51, 7554 RT Hengelo, Nederland

Sluit vandaag
Geen maximum
40 Overijssel









Uren per week:

  • Document controller (SharePoint manager) 20-24h/week
  • Site scheduler 12-16h/week

This role is a combination of 2 (parttime) roles for which we think 1 candidate is preferable: Due to the limited time for each role we think it is preferable to have 1 candidate for both roles for 40h/week and in doing so he/she can work more closely with the project team and be aware of all developments which is necessary for these 2 roles. It is allowed and possible to propose a separate candidate for each role or just 1 candidate for 1 role.

DCC role:
  • You will be the centrale figure of our project ensuring that everyone in the project has access to the right files and documentation, you receive and transmit documents and set the formal dates to which engineers have to adhere to for the review of their documents.
  • You are aware of what is happening in the Engineering team (blue) and Site team (green) and you are able to accommodate for their needs from your DCC role, by e.g.:
    • Implementing, adjusting and explaining the DCC procedure
    • Creating overviews for engineering, projectmanagement and site management that give insight in the actual progress in documents received, reviewed and approved.
    • Maintain, update and develop the use of SharePoint as our main DCC system in this project and possible in the future also for other projects at Twence.
  • You have very good working skills in MS Excel (able to process, manage and maintain lists, tables that contain overviews and work for Engineering team, site team and projectmanagement).
    • This is a must-have quality as we use MS Excel extensively to manage our work in this project (you are familiar with using formulas in Excel and managing e.g. tables, filters, lists and pivots).
    • Experience with MS Access or Visual Basic to automate some of the work in Excel is a well appreciated bonus.
  • We use a simplified SharePoint system as our system for Document Control. You will maintain a part of the SharePoint system where we store our “formal” documentation that we receive and transmit as part of our DCC procedure.
    • Experience with or able to learn quickly how to use SharePoint
    • Being able to simplify/automate some of the work in SharePoint by automation tools provided in SharePoint system is a big plus.
  • Detailed and focused on 0-mistakes, meticulous work ethic. In your role as DCC, small mistakes have big impact.
  • Proactive attitude: candidate will be a central figure in the project team and should be aware of developments on site and between contractors. In doing so he/she is able to support the project and can play a key role in identifying & resolving issues even before they have a chance to escalate

Site Planner role:
  • The main scheduling responsibility lies with our Main contractor (Aker Carbon Capture), Aker will create the overall schedule and ensure overall alignment between all contractors.
  • The site planner role is supportive to the Site team (green) and Projectmanagement of Twence in understanding of what is going to happen within a 2-4 week timeframe.
    • Site planner will create 2-4 week look aheads for Twence bi-weekly meeting based on Aker Carbon Capture overall planning
    • Site planner will inform Aker Carbon Capture of progress on site (via Site manager).
Candidate description;
  • Curious by nature & People-person: as a central figure in the project (in both roles) it is important the candidate is able to connect, communicate, relate, understand and maintain good relationship with everyone in the project. “acceptance” (‘click’) of the person with the project team is important.
  • A naturally organized and structured person: Capable of sifting through large amounts of data and communication (mostly e-mail), understanding what is important and relevant and translating that to actions for the project team.
  • Stress resistant and should not get overwhelmed by the amount of communication, data and/or persons involved in the project
  • Proven ability to work in an international environment with contractors throughout Europe
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written); main language in project will be English.
  • Minimum: 32 hours/week average for overall project duration (approx. 18-24 months), but workload can fluctuate depending on the phase of the project.
  • Work experience: >3 years, but no specific prior role requirement. Many previous roles can fit for this job, as long as the person is eager to learn, adapt and commit for the full period of the project (until end of 2023, with a possible extension due to AS Build document requirements). Some roles will of course have benefits, e.g.:
    • Previous Document Control experience – experience with a specific tool is not needed
    • Previous Planner experience – Planning is <50% of the work and mostly supportive
    • Projectmanager – of small scale projects (< € 1~4 million CAPEX, 1 contractor)
    • Projectassistent to PM in large scale projects (>€100 million CAPEX, ~10 contractors)
    • Etc..

Candidate will work at Twence site and will be part of Twence Project team, working from home might be possible at sometimes in the project, but is expected to be limited when the actual build phase on site commences.


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